Rat vs. Intel Man
Ant on Fire

Why Not Stop Project

Audio Dry Run

Below are 3 different outputs from the 5 minute reading of the Joey Demo. Not the quality of the audio for the different size files. The highest quality is not that great because it was a poor recording to start. But notice how poor the 16 bit version is. The 32 bit version is OK. The 128 bit version is too large.
Joey Demo DryRun 22050 MHz 16 bit (0.5 MB)
Joey Demo DryRun 22050 MHz 32 bit (1 MB)
Joey Demo DryRun 22050 MHz 128b bit (4 MB)

Audio from the studio

Pre-final studio reading (1.1 MB)

For Dan - movies with audio removed

Joey - Hi-Res Preview NO audio (Apr 10,2005) 6.1 MB
Joey - Med-Res NO audio (Apr 10,2005) 3.6 MB
Joey - Lo-Res NO audio (Apr 10,2005) 2.6 MB
Football Audio track (Apr 12,2005)
Joey Jam Audio track (Apr 12,2005)

Encore cheering Audio track (Apr 12,2005)

Scene snippets for review

New Mother Close Up scene (Apr 14,2005)
Vomit scene (FLASH w/audio) size: 495 KB

Urban Balloon (FLASH) size: 256 KB

Cigarette Chase (FLASH) size: 256 KB

TruckMoving (FLASH) size: 66 KB

Joey snippet (FLASH) size: 286 KB

Family scene (audio)(FLASH) size: 262 KB

Joey standing scene (audio)(FLASH) size: 302 KB

Football Catch scene (audio)(FLASH) size: 311 KB

Joey Jam 3 scenes (NO audio)(FLASH) size: 311 KB

Coffee Table Jam (NO audio)(FLASH) size: 107 KB

Pulling it all together

HTML Framed Hi Res
HTML Framed Med Res 7 MB
Joey Demo Preview with audio (Apr 10,2005) 9 MB Hi-Res
Joey Demo Preview with audio (Apr 10,2005) 5.5 MB Lo-Res
Joey Demo Preview with audio (Apr 4,2005) 5.0 MB
Joey Demo V2 with audio (Mar 12,2005) 3.7 MB
Joey Demo V2 for RealPlayer (Mar 12,2005)
Joey Demo (Mar 6,2005) 3.6 MB
Joey Demo (Mar 6, 2005)(streaming Realplayer low quality)

Mouse Shtik

Mouse Carrying Football 43 KB(FLASH)

Mouse Bubble Gum 126 KB(FLASH)

Mouse Walking 85 KB (Mar 13, 2005)(FLASH)

Mouse Blinking (FLASH) size: 13 KB

Mouse Kicking Football (FLASH) size: 69 KB

Mouse Vaccuuming (FLASH) size: 49 KB

Mouse and the Pencil (FLASH) size: 147 KB

Encore Burn Out (FLASH) size: 44 KB

Mouse Freak Out (audio)(FLASH) size: 164 KB

Mouse Tornado (FLASH) size: 137 KB

Mouse UN Cooler snippet (FLASH) size: 103 KB

Response page

Look at the "What Would You Do?" page

Lip Sync experiments

Mouse Jokes (Flash) size: 1.0 MB
Mouse Jokes (streaming Realplayer)
Mouse Jokes (Quicktime) size: 7.6 MB

Panning, Truck, and Mouse Intro

Mouse House Truck (Flash) size: 0.48 MB
Mouse House Truck (streaming Realplayer)

Mouse Entrances

Mouse Skateboarding (Flash) size: 127 KB

In Your Face (Animated GIF) size: 147 KB

Mouse Exits

Mouse clock swipe (FLASH) size: 664 KB

Mouse Swirl (Flash) size: 1.2 MB

Mouse Disperse (Animated GIF) size: 600 KB

Mouse Short Scene

Mouse riding in hot air balloon (audio)(FLASH) size: 242 KB

Wine out on the table (audio) (FLASH) size: 272 KB

Rocky Mouse (audio) (FLASH) size: 480 KB

Joey Short Scenes

Joey / Mouse air balloon (NO audio)(FLASH) size: 272 KB

Joey Jammin' (audio)(FLASH) size: 311 KB

The Kids

The 10% kids fidget